With over 200 years of collective commercial real estate experience, the professionals of Seattle Commercial Real Estate are heavily invested in a never ending process of continuing our education. We do this by taking clock hours to maintain our licenses. We have a history of teaching classes to other real estate professionals. Most importantly, we work collaboratively with each other to address the needs of our clients. This is the single most important factor which differentiates us from others in the field of commercial real estate.

There is no such thing in Seattle Commercial Real Estate LLC as “your client” or “my client.” It is always “our client.” Our collective experience has enabled us to solve thorny issues for clients that have ultimately been clearly in their best interest.

An example of that is the client teetering on the edge of expansion or contraction with a need for additional office space. The business had a history of success and the economy was dynamic but the cycle in business had been going on for a long period of time. There was a danger that legislation could affect their industry. We addressed the issue by negotiating a series of relatively short term leases with options (3 two-year leases and one five-year option). This covered the downside. The need potentially was to expand the office space rapidly. We addressed this by negotiating a cancellation provision if the landlord could not address the need of the client for additional space. This took the form of a six month notice and the payment of six months rent in advance as a release from the lease obligation.

Seattle Commercial Real Estate believes that there is no such thing as a problem, only an issue in search of a solution. We deal in solutions