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The professionals of Seattle Commercial Real Estate started a drumbeat years ago about the potential danger to the Seattle Office Market. With the advent of Covid and the riseRead more

Seattle Commercial Real Estate has started its long look at 2024. The weather is cold, but the forecast is for sun/rain/snow and jobs. A recent national study has ratedRead more

The hue and cry in the Washington State Legislature is to create housing and more particularly “affordable” housing (link to prior article defining affordable). At the same time, thereRead more

Seattle Commercial Real Estate is not shy about identifying specific areas of real estate and their problems. We have addressed issues with affordable housing creation, office space use, workRead more

Why is Seattle’s commercial real estate so expensive? The City of Seattle ranks as the sixth wealthiest city in the US and 23rd in the world. Tech wages comparedRead more

Regarding the impact of remote work, the Seattle Commercial Real Estate market is no different than the tech industry giants. Remote work is here to stay. That does notRead more

The Seattle office market is the harbinger of the real estate economy.Read more

Every region touts their own statistics. The professionals from Seattle Commercial Real Estate look at the reports and try to delve deeper into their meanings. A recent Puget SoundRead more

Seattle Commercial Real Estate wrote about the Office Market in the CBD and had no sooner published the article on the website than the Puget Sound Business Journal’s CRERead more

The professionals of Seattle Commercial Real Estate have well over 100 years of experience. We continue to learn in a dynamic industry that is continuously evolving, so it behoovesRead more