Seattle Commercial Real Estate has decades of experience working with investors in Seattle and The Puget Sound. We work with skilled investors and those looking to be taught how to buy, operate, and sell commercial properties. We have helped investors secure great commercial, office, multi-family residential and industrial property investments throughout Seattle and The Puget Sound.

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Our real estate investment services include:

Investment Analysis:

  • Define objectives, investment capabilities, existing portfolio and tolerance for risk
  • Evaluate Investment Alternatives
  • Large and Small Multi-Family Properties

Transaction Structure:

  • The issues presented in structure are most often a function of the availability of traditional financing in the market place and the client’s cash and risk tolerance.
  • Creative solutions are not the norm in the real estate industry. We approach all issues with the clear intent of solving the problem

Property Valuation:

  • Broker Opinion of Value
  • Comparable Market Analysis


  •   We prefer to recommend professional management for larger projects and our historical relationships provide viable alternatives for the consideration of our clients.
  • We will lend our knowledge and expertise to those projects in which the principals of the company often invest

Portfolio Services:

  • Evaluate lease terms
  • Equity & Debt Management
  • Rent and Cash Collection