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Seattle Commercial Real Estate has started its long look at 2024. The weather is cold, but the forecast is for sun/rain/snow and jobs. A recent national study has ratedRead more

The hue and cry in the Washington State Legislature is to create housing and more particularly “affordable” housing (link to prior article defining affordable). At the same time, thereRead more

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The professionals of Seattle Commercial Real Estate have well over 100 years of experience. We continue to learn in a dynamic industry that is continuously evolving, so it behoovesRead more

For Seattle Commercial Real Estate to put forth thoughts about the future in 2022 we need to address multi-family and industrial real estate on Day Three. Uniquely multi-family isRead more

The vibrancy of Seattle commercial real estate in the CBD has other elements other than office real estate and retail and commercial activity. That is the vitality of theRead more

With a frigid and snow-covered end to 2021, it is only fair for Seattle Commercial Real Estate to look forward to a change in weather and commercial real estateRead more