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The Greater Seattle economy is closely tied to world trade. Any native from this area who goes back historically clearly remembers the cycles of boom and bust tied toRead more

The joke in Seattle is that the crane is the new symbol of Seattle. We don’t mean Crane the Bird, but construction cranes. Seattle still leads the nation withRead more

In terms of exports, Seattle exports more than $50 Billion of goods and services annually. The exports range from apples to airplanes, technology to salmon and wood to WordRead more

The Arts are not generally considered as a major player in commercial real estate, but perhaps, that needs reconsideration. This is a $70M industry in Seattle. For example, “Hamilton”Read more

America of the 50’s was a car in your garage and a house of your own. Today’s growth in Seattle commercial real estate has spawned a new series ofRead more

Seattle Commercial Real Estate recently looked closely at the “close-in” Seattle industrial market and concluded that the market is almost at a fever pitch. Two articles in the PugetRead more

Seattle Commercial Real Estate has posted a series of articles recently dealing with close-in industrial real estate and the high demand for industrial uses close to the downtown Seattle commercialRead more

With over 200 years of collective commercial real estate experience, the professionals of Seattle Commercial Real Estate are heavily invested in a never ending process of continuing our education.Read more

We all hear the stories of the shoe salesman who is fabulously successful, who sells cars and moves into the sale of houses. Each step of the way heRead more

The issues of risk in any transaction involving commercial real estate are a key ingredient in the decision making process. Simply executing a lease at $1,000 per month forRead more