The dynamics of mid-market and private businesses were discussed in prior articles and the implications in our business and commercial real estate industries need to be clearly understood in order for Seattle Commercial Real Estate to serve our clients in all phases on the commercial real estate industry.

The four largest National Public Companies on the list of the top 74 in the State of Washington are Amazon, Costco, Microsoft and T Mobile. Together these four corporations accounted for over 1,152,146 employees world-wide in 2018 and over $558.96 Billion in assets. Their combined revenues in 2018 were $661.5 Billion, an increase from the 2017 base of $558 Billion.

The “Center of the Pond” for the incredible growth in our commercial real estate economy is Lake Union, right in the center of downtown Seattle. The Trade and Convention Center expansion addresses the tourist industry. Bio Tech is growing as is Apple, Facebook and other giants from Silicon Valley looking to this quiet corner of the world that has had so much impact on the changing face of the world economy. “Seattle” is really part of Greater Seattle and the impact of these changes on commercial real estate from north of Everett to south of Tacoma are incredible. Seattle Commercial Real Estate follows these changes and enjoys the opportunity to serve our ever-expanding client base from Asia, to London to Europe.