We all hear the stories of the shoe salesman who is fabulously successful, who sells cars and moves into the sale of houses. Each step of the way he has developed his skills to an art form and his brilliance radiates from his smile. The professionals of Seattle Commercial Real Estate view things differently. We start from the premise that you can’t “sell” something to someone who does not want to buy. When a client comes to us, they have articulated that they have a need. That need can be as simple as a few hundred feet to store inventory or to park a few trucks to as complex as the need for thousands of feet of office space and warehouses.

Our clients are like family to us. We place ourselves in their shoes and work diligently to find solutions in commercial real estate. Our goal is to empower our clients with knowledge and alternatives to allow them to make decisions in their best interest. We clearly state that we want to have the ability to look back at the industrial space we leased five years ago and say we made a good decision. We want to look back at the retail space we bought as an investment five years ago and feel good about having aided the client to make a good decision. Our strongest advertising comes from the referrals of our clients. They are our family.