The issues of risk in any transaction involving commercial real estate are a key ingredient in the decision making process. Simply executing a lease at $1,000 per month for five years means a contingent liability of $60,000 the day your signature goes on a document. You are, in essence executing a guarantee to the landlord, be it an office lease or a small industrial space, that you will pay the landlord $60,000.

When a real estate investor buys a commercial real estate property that has a lease in place, the investor assumes the risk of not being paid the rent from the tenant. When the investor borrows money from the bank, he now assumes the position of guaranteeing the financial institution that he will repay the debt obligation.

When the professionals of Seattle Commercial Real Estate are engaged by our clients, we too offer a guarantee of sorts. First, we acknowledge to our clients that in fact there truly is no guarantee in commercial real estate. We do guarantee that we will bring to bear all of our 200 plus years of real estate knowledge for the benefit of our client. That means that all of our professionals will work collectively for the benefit of each client. We treat each element of a transaction as if we are the principal who we are representing. There is no you and us, it is all of us working together.