A local bank with a small office in South Seattle needed a new free standing location. In our search for them, we discovered a small triangular piece of land at the signaled intersection of two major arterials. The estate that was in ownership was represented by counsel in Bellingham who had worked with Harry Rubin. That collaboration proved essential in acquiring the property.

A plan for the development of the site was created and presented to the bank who needed a larger facility and Hilti Tools who chose to locate closer to downtown. We were then contacted by the owners of Moneytree, Inc.. The site was small, but a material improvement from their location across the street. We developed and leased the site to them.

From that initial contact we created a business relationship that lead to us representing them over the next several years in multiple transactions. Their reputation for the quality of their build out, customer service, and integrity was a good fit for SCRE. Like other clients looking for multiple locations, we felt privileged to represent them. In addition to leasing locations, the principals of the company acquired our initial site and another location for their personal real estate portfolio

The nature of their business presented unique challenges for a landlord and major concerns Moneytree in a highly regulated industry. We worked closely with the corporate counsel  and appreciated their approach resolving lease cancellation issues.

Moneytree, Inc. has become the largest check cashing chain remaining in Washington, has tweaked their business model and expanded into other areas of business in the financial industry