We encounter many bright and creative people and one of the brightest was Ron Lien. He had a long history in real estate and development and built the first condominium in the State of Washington (on the water in Madison Park).

He owned some “swamp land” in Bellevue which he subsequently sold a major portion of for the creation of the Bellefield Office Park. He retained a major parcel across the street. This parcel was developed into the Bellefield Residential Park. This project subsequently won major awards for architectural and environmental excellence.

Ron asked us to acquire a unique parcel in the Wallingford District from Unocal Oil. The development of this parcel is still a part of their portfolio. Following that Ron and his partners (his son Terry Lien and Martin Nelson) asked us to assist in their acquisition of another prime former Unocal site at the north end of Broadway in the Capital Hill area of Seattle.

We assisted their development company in the sale of retail elements in two of their condominium projects and we have represented them in their search for other high quality locations and retail leasing.

One of their major investment partners passed away and the estate in partnership with the Lien development entity needed to liquidate their interest for estate purposes. The most dangerous element in creating business relationships is bringing about solutions involving different people and personalities. A client referral from an attorney relationship seemed like a perfect fit 1. An introduction lead to the formation of a new entity to buy out the old partner. Another client problem solved.