Seattle Commercial Real Estate watches and follows many sources to draw our conclusions and suggestions in terms of serving our clients in the commercial real estate industry. One recent article in the Puget Sound Business Journal of June 28th by Alex Berezow (PHD) is of particular note. Unlike past articles dealing with only specific issues, the author finally ties it all together in one package.

He points out that 200 homeless people died in 2018, we have one of the worst rates of property crimes in the US, a City Attorney who does not prosecute and a police department in Seattle bleeding cops to any place but Seattle. He correctly points out the lack of political discourse on our campuses and the biases of anyone espousing an agenda other than the liberal byline.

Seattle Commercial Real Estate sees so many positives from the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the green we take for granted, the 1,000 people a week running to be employed in our expanding economy that it makes us pause. We believe in the future of our commercial real estate industry and the future of Seattle. Four members of the City Council are not standing for reelection. The need for a new direction is clearly needed and we can only hope that this election will lead the way.