In a search for golf course sites, a 40 acre farm across the street from the Cowlitz River in Longview was identified. The zoning on the property allowed for single family residential homes and potential road front commercial development. The site was divided by a high voltage power line easement, and was below the 100 year flood plain. When Mount St. Helens blew, the Toutle River was washed into the Cowlitz, endangering homes and businesses with massive flooding. We negotiated the site with the Army Corps of Engineers to allow use as a pump site and raised the level above the 100 year flood plain with over 1.25 million cubic yards of volcanic sand. We then sold the property for a single family residential subdivision, which was named after the farmers who had worked the land for close to 100 years. Longview commercial real estate may not be our focus, but with an eye on potential investment and development opportunities, this foray into southwest Washington real estate turned out to be a win-win for everyone.